Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The House ~ which House?

End of November, and still just possible to get to London to make special visits - if you don't live as far north as the Vice-President. Our trains were running even if late and cold, but Eunice and I could not have met in spite of wanting to.

The first 'House' was the Lords, where Kathleen Richardson kindly showed some of us the places where the work is done; and then it was the House of Commons, where other ways of working are in use, and Meg Munn was the helpful guide. The beauty and the history are worth the journey, along with the reminder of how ancient our democracy is. And if you look carefully, there is one Lord on display who bears a remarkable resemblance to the General Secretary!

I'm not sure whether Central Hall quite counts as a house, but we were received there with generous hospitality for the Parliamentary Fellowship Dinner after our "tour"

It was good to share in food and fellowship with folk who work so hard to live out their faith in the tough world of politics

And the next House was our own - Methodist Church House. It is always good to have time to wander between the floors and talk with anyone who is prepared to let me interrupt their work, but December 1st was an official visit, helping me to learn more about the work and to meet with so many new people, as well as chatting with many I have come to know well over the years. I took part in the team meeting, which I hope Manchester managed to view as well, and was encouraged by the prayers offered and by the work explained.

It was a very enjoyable day for me, but you will have to ask them how they felt about it! We often take their hard work for granted, so I hope we will all remember to give thanks for their commitment and all that they achieve for us.

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Ginny said...

Thank you for taking the time to visit and talk to us at Church House - it was greatly appreciated.