Tuesday, 8 June 2010

On the move with Action for Children, June 8th

This afternoon a brief gathering was held at Highbury to mark Action from Children's move from the building that has played such an important part in their history. In particular, it was here that NCH Sisters were trained - a pioneering move in the training of those working to care for children. There were speeches by Dame Clare Tickell, Action for Children's Chief Executive, and me. Past Vice-President of the Conference Eluned Williams gave us some idea of what life was like for a Sister in training - it was here at Highbury she spent her 21st birthday! We had images of her returning home late on Saturday evenings, taking her high heeled shoes off and hearing the crunch of cockroaches as she trod on them while trying quietly to make her way to her room. Another memory was of how Sisters in training had to clean the small square glass window panes in the chapel. If they did a rush job, missing the corners, they were quickly reminded that these were windows, not portholes!

At the close of the gathering, we stood beneath the Sisterhood memorial window and I led a prayer of thanksgiving for all that has been done through Action for Children, particularly at Highbury. The memorial window is to be moved to Westminster Central Hall, where it will be dedicated at the Annual Reunion on 3rd July.

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