Monday, 18 January 2010

Parliamentary Methodist Fellowship’s Annual Covenant Service

This evening David and I joined with members of the Parliamentary Methodist Fellowship and many other Methodists who had come to share in the annual covenant service. It was held in the splendidly ornate Chapel of St Mary Undercroft which is at the heart of the Palace of Westminster and perhaps one of the most unusual places a Methodist covenant service is held on an annual basis.

We were welcomed by Meg Munn MP who now chairs the fellowship group that brings together Methodist MPs and peers. Revd Martin Turner, Superintendent Minister at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, who acts as chaplain to the group, preached and he was supported by staff from the Central Hall who led the service.

Martin reflected on the fact that for many MPs the last year must have felt like an “annus horribilis” but that media reports had failed to emphasis the reality that the vast majority of our MPs and peers work extremely hard with great integrity and honesty. The covenant service reminded us both as a community and as individuals that we were answerable to God. All had an important role to play in our society and a renewed respect for a reformed Parliament would help to strengthen our whole society.

With the chapel’s ancient walls resounding to Methodists in full song it was also an opportunity to affirm the men and women who work on our behalf in both the House of Commons and House of Lords, and to let them know that despite the many challenges they face, we continue to uphold them in our prayers.

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