Friday, 15 January 2010

A letter to Haiti, following the earthquake

On behalf of the Methodist Church and people of Britain, the Vice-President and I wrote to the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas and the letter has both been received by the Methodist Church in Haiti and posted on the MCCA Website. The letter was worded as follows:

"I write on behalf of the Methodist Church and people of Great Britain, to express our condolences to our sisters and brothers in the Methodist Church in Haiti and to all those affected by the recent catastrophic earthquake. We understand this is worst to have hit your country in two centuries, and we are aware that it comes in the wake of four successive hurricanes that hit the island in 2008.

Over the past days, our media have made the extent of this tragedy very clear. Many have died. Hundreds of thousands of people face ongoing pain, sorrow, hardship and uncertainty. Homes, businesses and public buildings lie in ruins.

We pray for the people of your church and nation, that those suffering grief, loss and injury may be comforted; that broken lives may be healed, destroyed homes and communities rebuilt, and justice established for all.

We have also heard that while you have been responding to the immense needs of Haitians, you have also been seeking to establish the welfare of colleagues from the General Board of Global Ministries and UMCOR, we are relieved that it has been established that they are safe and we thank you for your care and concern for others in the midst of your own great need.

We hope and pray that the necessary international relief and support will become speedily available, that medical supplies and personnel will reach those who need them, and that people's basic needs for food, water and shelter will be properly met.

Be assured of our continuing prayers, love and support. You are constantly in our thoughts."

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