Saturday, 4 July 2009

Methodist Conference - Saturday morning

The big day is here. From all across the Connexion (indeed, from all parts of the world) people are arriving in Wolverhampton as the morning progresses. People of various Methodist Churches and traditions. Ecumenical guests. Representatives of other faiths and of the wider community. Conference old hands. People who've never been before. Friends, family. Ordinands and those who have shared their journey. Hundreds of people, each with their own story and their own journey that means this is the place to be today.

So it's a big day. And I can't pretend not to be a bit nervous about what lies ahead. Becoming President of the Conference is an honour, a privilege and an awesome responsibility. But it becomes possible because of the huge amount of support and love with which one is surrounded - and I am very grateful for the many cards, letters, emails, phone calls and personal words of greeting and encouragement.

The day has also started well because my great niece, Bethany, and her husband, Rich, have become parents this morning (just over a month early). Thomas James. Lovely news, though it's still a bit sobering being old enough to be a great great uncle!

As this year unfolds I shall do my best to keep the blog updated, and hopefully there will be pictures from time to time.

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Lyttonpernel said...

Every blessing as you set out on your year in office. Do let us know where you go, who you meet and about all the encouraging things that are happening around the Connexion as well as those churches and people who need our prayers. This blog is read by over 1,000 people a day, on average, so keep up the good work.