Monday, 13 July 2009

Chapel Allerton Methodist Church

Today was my first official engagement following Conference and it was a “home game” at Chapel Allerton Methodist Church in the Leeds North East circuit. I received a really warm welcome although it felt a little odd wearing the Vice-Presidential cross in a pulpit I’m very familiar with. I shared some of the events and decisions of Conference as well as adapting some of the prayers we used last Sunday for use today. I brought one of the Conference candles David and I will be taking to churches we visit this year and I also added to the post-card board the church are keeping of my travels for the year, pinning a postcard of Wolverhampton alongside those already there from Macedonia and Bulgaria.

In the afternoon I lead a café-style service at the same church were I took the opportunity to share stories about Methodists in the Balkans. I included a DVD clip a friend had filmed for us during the Conference service last week of Jonathan reading Mark 6.1-13 and Matthew leading parts of the intercessions, both of which fitted with the theme of the service today.

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