Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Drumming for God!

David and I journeyed together to High Leigh Conference Centre to be with over 120 youth workers, pastoral workers, family workers, evangelists etc....This was the coming together of two previous conferences for 'lay workers' and youth workers. We were able to be there for 24 hours and arrived in time to share with the Psalm Drummers.
What an array of drums and other instruments.

We were invited to choose our drums or shaker of choice

and after an hour we were transformed from a rabble to a group of people who drummed together and made a magnificent sound.

It was a tremendous team building and confidence building hour and a half.....and good fun...I've already recommended it for next year's Diaconal Convocation.

Over the five days this group of people grew together and were left better equipped for the lay ministry they offer. It was busy and a packed programme but all those I met wanted to get as much out of it as possible...a big thank you to Penny Fuller and her team for organising such a good conference.

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