Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chaplains Conference

I was able to share two days with our Methodist chaplains at their annual Tri- Service Conference at the Armed Forces Chaplaincy centre, Amport House. There were 21 chaplains and 6 lay people working with the Forces along with Rob Jones who is overseeing many areas of our Church's chaplaincy.

I was impressed by the commitment of our chaplains in the Army, RAF and Navy to the care of both those serving in the Forces and their families. It is pastoral ministry in a very specific context yet there are the same needs, issues and opportunities as anywhere else. Some of the chaplains shared about being in areas of conflict, especially Afghanistan, and of the traumas this brings.

There continue to be opportunities for those in ministry to serve as chaplains to the Forces and we need men and women with specific gifts to continue offering the high level of pastoral care that I was privileged to discern by being among them.

As we continue to pray for peace in every area of conflict also pray for the ministry of our chaplains that God may continue to use them as signs of His love and grace.

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