Friday, 27 February 2009

Fresh Expressions in Alston

There are many examples of Fresh Expressions, as I finished off in my last blog....and another very distinct one I came across in Cumbria was in the Alston Moor circuit.
Here is the smallest circuit in Methodism with around 45 members and the only one which owns no church buildings!! There are still 5 Methodist communities who meet in various places within their localities...the largest congregation in Alston shares the local Roman Catholic Church on a Sunday morning. It has also allowed them to explore new ways of being church and they shared with me their very successful town nativity play in the open air which was a great success...they are also now using the local primary school to offer worship which attracts people who want something more family friendly.....

Richard and I stopped at yet another farm shop for lunch on our way to Sedburghj and David has already shared about this fascinating visit. I was at their church on the Sunday and had a wonderful time both in worship and meeting many of the poeple over a lunch, raising funds for a mission project. I continue to be amazed at the sheer dedication of so many people in our churches who live out their faith in such tangible ways. My visit ended at Cockermouth where I shared in a great circuit service and met people from my past and countless people who know people who knew.......

and this is one of the gifts of our church that we not only seem to know people but it comes with a great sense of love and care........thank you for the love and care shown to Davbid and I as we travel around this year

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