Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Newcastle (3)

An historic item - no, not Deacon Eunice Attwood but John Wesley's clock!

Brunswick Church is one of the historic sites of Methodism, a Grade II listed building dating from 1820 and a successor to Wesley's Orphan House buit in the City in the Eighteenth Century.
I was warmly welcomed at the morning service where the music was enhanced by the Salvation Army Band and songsters.

Former President Ian White with his wife Diana (pictured below) were among the congregation.

Lunch was enjoyed with the University Chaplain, Will Hopkins, and a number of interns working among the student population from Jesmond Methodist Church, where Rob Hawkins (pictured below) is the minister.

And then it was off to Blyth for an Area Ecumenical area service - a very good congregation from the Methodist and URC Churches who are working together in this part of Northumbria. Refreshments were provided by the hard working ladies of the congregation (pictured above).
It was good for me to be able to meet up again with the Revd Catherine Minor who came to my home church whilst a stdent at Manchester University.
And then it was time t0 journey back across the Pennines, having spent a full but very encouraging three days in Geordie-land.

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