Monday, 10 September 2007

Weekend in Wales

Well what a weekend! The inaugural sevice of celebration for the new Wales Synod of the Methodist Church in Wales took place in the Arts Centre of the University of Wales in Aberystwyth on Saturday afternoon following the Synod. With worship in Welsh and English, the commitment of the office of Synod Chair to Will Morrey and Stephen Wigley and presentaqtions in picture and music it truly was a celebration.

Then Martyn and I went with a large group from the celebration to the MHA 90 bed nursing & dementia Care Home, Hafan y Waun in Aberystwyth, which was opened in February. That too was inspiring as we heard about the work there and met members of staff who care for the residents and people who visit the day care centre. It makes you proud to be Methodist!

At that point Martyn and I went our seperate ways and I was driven through the wonderful Welsh countryside up to Wrexham in North Wales ready to take the morning service there ( I had a wonderful time, I hope the people in the Church there enjoyed it as much as I did), leaving Martyn to lead worship in Aberystwyth. We received wonderful hospitality and it was a joy and a privilege to be in Wales this weekend.

It isn't always easy to deal with the changes that a move to a larger District brings. In London many were nervous that they would be lost in a larger set up and I sensed a little of that this weekend in Wales. Our prayers are with those in the Wales synod and the Cymru synod in these next months of change. I wonder how others feel when Church structures change. Any words of encouragement? Any words of caution? It would be good to hear.

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Sally said...

We celebrated the combining of two Circuits last weekend, so far so good, the mutual dialogue has been an important factor, as both Circuits were quite different in character, I think the key is a real derire to move forward and a willingness to let go of what was.

I suspect there will be a few tough times ahead, but God is with us!