Monday, 27 August 2007

Greenbelt was great

Just back from Greenbelt. Work tomorrow meant I didn't feel I could wait for the end and listen to the Christian band Delirious which would have been good. However, the discerning reader (you probably need to be over 40 and British as well as discerning to understand about this) will be pleased to know that I did manage to hear "Chas and Dave" on the mainstage this afternoon! This was a deeply spiritual experience with those wonderful worship songs "Snooker loopy" and "Rabbit, rabbit" to inspire us. I still haven't quite worked out the connection with the Christian arts festival which is Greenbelt but it was fun to be out in the sun and the open air with people singing along. And there is definitely something spiritual about having fun. I will try to post something about my more deep and meaningful moments at Greenbelt later in the week including worship, talks and a range of music and meeting lots of people. But for now it's enough to say it was fun and I felt closer to God which for me has a lot going for it.

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