Sunday, 19 August 2007

Electronic communities - can facebook help the President?

I've eventually set up a profile on Facebook this week.

It has been fascinating but I would have to give up work as well as being VP to get the most out of it. About a year ago someone made me a friend on their facebook account and then in the last 10 days I had 4 different requests so thought I would look into it. I've managed to track down lots of young Methodists (and a few not so young) as well as other people I have had links with over the years. It was amazing linking to friends and friends of friends.

I've posted some photos from my visit to India at Easter to launch the Peacebuilders project and some of Bratislava. This afternoon I have posted a link to Martyn's request for help (below) on a couple of Methodist groups. I'll be interested to see what happens. Certainly new kinds of communities need new kinds of ministry. I have read a couple of discussion boards where young adults are feeling the Methodist Church doesn't understand where they are at. Let's try and make some movement. (In the meantime if anyone would like to send me fish for my virtual aquarium that would be great).


Michaela said...

Just back from hols and relieved that my actual fish are still alive. Apparently lots of people have asked me to be friends on Facebook - but I need someone to help me understand how!! Once I've mastered that I'll send you any fish I can find. Meanwhile on Biogs & Greenbelt. I read Billy Bragg's 'Progressive Patriot' whilst on holiday. It's a good read - especially if you remember the music of the early eightys, went on anti-apartheid rallies and are interested in the British Constitution (or lack of it!!).

DaveW said...


It has been great to see you so active on Facebook.

Just one thought (yes more work I know). You might consider putting your photos on Flickr instead of in facebook.

a) Anyone can view them without needing an account on facebook or anywhere else

b) Flickr has many more ways to get your photos found and seen by lots of people (tagging, comments, collections).

c) they can still be seen on your facebook profile page. There are many facebook applications for this.

d) We can see the photos better (more sizes and a good slideshow).



Sally said...

Facebook is an interesting phenomena, it provides a virtual meeting place with many indepth discussions being conducted in a public arena.
I am interested to find that my childrens friends want to be my friends on facebook, and through the "private" e-mail facility we have discussed faith, and ethics- I have linked facebook to my blog, this creates further discussion...
what an interesting world- off to send you some fish!