Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Induction of our Methodist Youth President

Craig with me, Andrew Fairlamb (3G Rep) and Jude Levermore
What a wonderful service at Rugby Methodist Church Centre on Sunday night, for the Induction of Craig Gaffney as our Youth President. I learnt so much from Megan's infectious faith last year, and I know I am going to enjoy sharing with Craig this year. Steve and I have already had fun with Craig at our Media Training!
The most moving part of the service for me was when three young lads came to the front and prayed in turn for Craig, as their youth leader. It was from their hearts, and it was real. Jesus was there. I was so thrilled to see how Craig had empowered these boys, and made Jesus real for them.

Craig's mum, Jane Gaffney, is the minister at this church, and everyone I spoke to had a real sense of excitement and anticipation that 'God is moving in this place'.

What a joy to be part of it.

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