Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Finding a Welcome in Peru

After being in transit for 28 hours, I have finally arrived home from Peru! What an experience! What have I learnt?  Riding in a moto-taxi in Tarapoto is great fun! The traffic in Lima is completely mad, unbelievable and no holds are barred! Chichi morada, purple corn, is a lovely drink.  Peruvian people are warm and friendly and we can share a sense of humour if not a language. Oh, and you can't put toilet paper in the toilet!

The church has so many needs but a great vision. 

Here is Bishop Samuel Aguilar outside Casa Metodista, with Luis Ruiz, the co-ordinator of Volunteers in Mission, one of the NMAs we support. 

Casa Metodista (on the right below) is a listed building, dating from the 1920s, which the church is hoping to restore and develop, with an ‘Open door’ policy.

Located in a cultural area of Lima, this would help raise awareness of the Methodist church, as well as generating income. With 70 bedrooms it could also provide residential accommodation for students coming to study at a much needed Wesley Theological College.  The dream is also to provide a meeting place for the many migrants who leave their families to come to Lima. At the moment they meet in parks so the church wants Casa Metodista to be a place of welcome for them.

I have learnt so much, and it will take a while to process it all.  Right now, I need some sleep !!!!

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