Saturday, 15 November 2014

3 Generate

I have just spent an energetic and exciting day with over 250 children and young people at 3-Generate!
Sadly, there were many more young people who wanted to come than there were spaces available, so they had to be turned away.
Perhaps the Methodist Church should make funds available to provide two 3-Generate events per year. Young people are our future.


What's The Score? said...

Why does the Methodist Church only run one (and why is the next best vision for two!) event of this kind at a central location. What would be needed to get every District (Circuit/Church eventually) to run one event, increasing capacity, reach and proximity? What would such an376 event look like in terms of staffing, resources etc? Could these answers not be developed into an online handbook alongside an annually-refreshed "content" resource?

Penny Fuller said...

'Whats the Score' its exactly the vision you have just outlined in your post. 3Generate 365 includes the event itself (this is growing year on year) The 'Big SleepOver' Free Resources are released in February for every Church, Circuit, District or Synod to host an event locally that enables children and young people to engage in what was discussed at 3Generate and what is relevant in their own context. 'Voice Activated' and our events Pack also free resources that enable the church to engage children and Young people in a conversation with the church in their local context. Launched this year The Big Weekender and 3Generate TV to enable local groups to engage with 3Generate whilst the weekend is going on in their context. All these resources encourage feedback into shaping the event 3Generate. Shaper groups launched each year in the summer enabling local groups and workers to volunteer at 3Genenerate and consult in the local context on what should be discussed at 3Generate. Details on all this can be found here: Also if you sign up to The Well a community of practice for anyone who works alongside children, youth and family in the local context. If you would like to find out more for next year sign up to The Well. These resources are updated and freely available online to download from our website; Thank you for your insightful and inspiring response. Penny Fuller Church and Community Development Co-ordinator