Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Deacons - a gift to the church

On May 6th Daleep and I went to Swanwick to spend three days as guess of the Diaconal Order at Convocation. I had been looking forward to this opportunity to listen to and share with deacons from around the Connexion and it was a very special time. Business was done in the context of worship and we had fun together, enjoying one another's company.
Another guest was Deacon Vernon Van Wyke, Warden of the Methodist order of Deacons of the Church of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Vernon led a bible study and also told us about the work in Southern Africa - it was an inspiring talk.
The Vice-President also led a bible study and it was my privilege to share in leading worship with the Warden, Deacon Sue Culver and others. Daleep and I also had the opportunity to address Convocation and engage in discussion with those present.
The Diaconal ordinands
Convoction began with a service of praise and remembrance in which we gave thanks for the lives of deacons who had died during the year, and praised God together. The final service was a service of rededication and during this those who were being recommended to the Conference for ordination were sent on with the prayers of convocation.
The Diaconal order is a great gift to the church.
We need to receive the gift with thanks and ensure that we enable and support the deacons as they fulfil their calling and enrich the Kingdom.

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