Friday, 20 December 2013

Generosity and action

Some of you may have read or heard the President's Christmas message in which I speak of the amazing and abundant generosity of God.

Today, having taken some time to reflect in the wake of the debate about Food Banks, I want to emphasise that generous love is a love that is responsive and active. Jesus challenged those who could not, or would not see the plight of those who were in poverty and those who were stigmatised and excluded.

We too must challenge those who will not, or cannot see that the rapidly increasing need of food banks across the UK is scandalous. We must challenge and rebuke those who laugh in the face of people sufering poverty, hunger and injustice.

The generous love of God requires us to work unceasingly for justice and to challenge policies and social structures which are unjust. The generous love of God is a costly love, a challenging love, a reconciling love and a healing love. Our calling is to repond to the challenge, bear the cost and work for healing and reconciliation.

I thank God for those who provide the food banks and I long for the time when they will no longer be needed.


Methodist Youth President 13/14 said...

A really insightful blog, which highlights the importance of Food Banks in this country! Thank you!

Richard Armbach said...

Well this is encouraging. It suggests that the President intends the Methodist Church to remain firmly on the side of Justice in Palestine.