Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pioneers in Cornwall and Plymouth and Exeter

The Unit skatepark in Launceston is church for large numbers of young people who come here to have fun, to refie their skills on bikes and skateboards and to learn about Jesus and worship together.
I visited the Unit along with Daleep during our visit to the Cornwall District. We prayed there with Sam who is now planning to move to bigger premises in order to accommodate this growing Fresh Expression.

Later in the week, in Plymouth and Exeter District, the District Chair, Revd Pete Pillinger hosted a meal where I met more pioneer ministers. As we shared together I was inspired by their enthusiam and commitment and recognised in them people who expect to find God in diverse communities and want to enable others to find God too. Steve works with small groups, Kris works in the surfing community and Jon in the alternative music culture. Talking with them is exciting and inspiring and the evening ended all too soon.

I wonder how many others are finding and sharing God in their communities? I know very many are and I believe this is at the heart of mission and the call of every disciple.

On my second day in the Plymouth and Exeter District I met with Superintendent Ministers and Supernumerary Ministers. Here too were people who know what it is to live in expectation that they will glimpse the glory of God in the places where they are sent. Among them was a great variety of experience and a great deal of wisdom and grace.

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