Thursday, 6 December 2012

President says, "No Christmas Presents Please"
This is only relevant to a very small number of people.  Most people were thinking - but we weren't going to buy him one anyway so ignore this blog.  A few really organised people may have bought one all ready - in which case thanks and I'm really grateful but don't read this blog!  But to the very few who were thinking they might, including family and friends, please don't.  I've got enough stuff.  I'm full. I'm overweight with kit.  Instead - please would you either give some money to a charity of your choice or send me some money so I can twin my lavatory  If I get more than enough for one, I'll twin two, and so on....  Or twin your own lavatory and tell me because it will make me happy.  Or if you can't abide not giving something because it just feels wrong not to, please please let it be something you've made.  Lots of love Mark

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