Monday, 19 November 2012

VP - Being reGenerated

I was privileged to be at two wonderfully life-affirming events over the last seven days. The first had nothing to do with being VP, but our niece was playing in the Youth Music Festival at the Albert Hall on Thursday evening - so lots of family pride! More than that, it was so good to see such talent in the youth of this country, from rap to jazz to inspired singing to concert bands. Absolutely brilliant atmosphere. And being at the Albert Hall, lots of green and yellow memories too. But things move on, and the youth event, 3 Generate, held this year near Lichfield, was excellent. 320 young people, loads of excellent (and exhausted) leaders, a brilliant venue with outdoor activities on site, and all in a context of getting to know God more - and especially looking at 'justice' issues. Mark has written more on the subject on his blog too. I spent the day with some of the leaders 'GeneratePlus' under the guidance of Piers Lane; sharing ideas and good practice, visiting the next door National Memorial Arboretum and linking it with justice issues. And on Sunday, joining the young people directly for the election of the new Youth President to follow Hayley Moss. Five excellent candidates (Anna, Hattie, Paul, Sian, Tamara) and unfortunately only one could be chosen - Tamara. We wish her God's blessing on all she does next year. See the photo to get a 'feel' of the energy.
This was followed by a Communion service in small groups, a very meaningful way to end what was obviously a very happy week-end. The 'problem' is that the venue is too small, so how to keep growing and still keep all these young people in different age-groups happily engaged in a God-centred event? Answers on a postcard please to 3Generate!

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The Occasional Trish said...

It was a fantastic weekend Mike! and hopefully next year we'll have a bigger venue, It was lovley to see such engaged young people, hopefully you'll be back next year?