Friday, 16 March 2012

Sheffield District

Well I survived the Sheffield District and more importantly so did my wonderful hosts Vernon and Meg Marsh who had me with them for nine whole nights! So many highlights best illustrated by more pictures than usual!

Ric Stott – one of our pioneer ministers – alongside some of his artwork on the streets of Sheffield. So excited about VentureFX!

A Chesterfield football scarf about to be presented to me to remind me of an occasion when I rampaged through Chesterfield’s streets as a teenager following you know who! (modelled by Rev Stuart Clarke – a life-long supporter). What a privilege to spend time with Supernumerary Ministers in a large group and individually. So much to treasure, so much to learn.

A police station using Methodist premises at Hathersage! Is this a first (and only?) Just one of the many creative ways in which the church is engaging with the community throughout the District.

Methodist Junior School in Bakewell – no puddings in sight! Good to see “John Wesley’s Rule” in the foyer and children riveted by the lessons. Somewhat different from my day!

An enriching retreat with under 10 years in ministry group although it was a bit disconcerting that the person who “signed” the thank you card “never enjoyed a retreat so much” wasn’t actually there!!

And finally the Sheffield District banner to cover all the other good things I experienced and many I still didn’t have time to.

Off to Cumbria in a couple of hours and then almost immediately to Essex, Beds and Herts. And talking of hearts someone thought the Vice President and I were married as we were always together! I don’t know who was more shocked! Another 5 days in each others company though! Pray for her and for the Chair of the Cumbria District Richard and his wife Susan who isn’t so well at present.

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