Monday, 19 September 2011

Blog Bonus!

Its a little known fact that Joseph The Hymnographer (9th century) wrote a hymn for the Great North Run! It can be found at No. 977 in the Methodist Hymn Book but for some unaccountable reason was not included in Hymns & Psalms or in Singing the faith! The second verse reads:

The prize, the prize secure!

The athlete nearly fell;

Bare all he could endure,

And bare not always well:

But he may smile at troubles gone

Who sets the victor-garland on.

My experience exactly! Although to be absolutely fair it was not half as bad as I feared and I completed it in 2 hours 55 minutes starting at No. 53509 and ending 34561 (just ahead of a man carrying a fridge but just behind the Tellytubbies!) so I was quite chuffed really! Better still sponsorship for MRDF looks as if it might reach £4000! So thank you for all your greetings, encouragement, prayers and gifts. If you would still like to donate just a reminder that the website is

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Rev Tony B said...

To "bare all he could endure" - what about all the spectators could endure? Sometimes "bearing all" is better, even if it isn't "done well." ;)