Sunday, 10 July 2011

The London 10K Run!

Last Sunday in Southport was a day of inspiring worship as we received and ordained presbyters and deacons into the Methodist Church. Today was a great contrast, but in its own way just as inspiring. Six Methodists running for MRDF joined more than 25,000 runners who were raising money for a wide variety of Charities. It was a warm day and quite a challenge for many of us as we ran/jogged/walked past the historic landmarks of central London. There was a terrific atmosphere and the onlookers cheered everyone, whether they knew them or not. Lots of runners wore fancy dress – I just don’t know how they managed in the heat.

It was in January that I heard myself offering to do the run, to keep our district development enabler Heather company. I’ve never done anything like it before, and wondered what on earth I was letting myself in for, but I printed off some ‘running for beginners’ guidelines and started a schedule of running/walking around Congleton Park in the early mornings. It was a beautiful place to be and a far cry from the crowded streets of London that we experienced today. There were some setbacks, but I set myself the target of getting round in 1 hour 30 minutes, and achieved it today with 5 minutes to spare! It is without doubt the most challenging thing I have set myself to do for a very long time – way out of my comfort zone.

Our MRDF team comprised myself, Heather Staniland, Helen Boardman, Judy Gibbons, Chris Collins and Jane Cowie. We had a great time together, and will hopefully have raised several thousands of pounds for a very worthwhile organisation. Next year…… who knows?

If you would like to donate, here’s the link:

The money will be used for the latest emergency to need relief.


Lynne Newland said...

Well done Ruth! Am looking forward to reading your blog during your year in office.

Gizmo S said...

Congratulations ! Ace pic of you in action... I'll stick to my mile swim everyday and walking :) Have a great year... great way to blow away those post conference blues..
with love and prayers Sara

Gizmo S said...

Congratulations ! What a fab way to blow away those post Conference blues! You look completely at ease in your action pic Have aa great year with love and prayers Sarax

Micky said...

Well done Ruth - what a star you are, not least considering how tired you must have been following Conference!