Monday, 6 June 2011

Isle of Man District Visit

John and I departed from Newcastle via Manx 2 Airlines to join Rev David Gamble and his wife Liz for our visit to the Isle of Man District. Rev Malcolm Peacock and his wife Sarah had kindly invited us all to stay with him and his family during the weekend of the famous Island TT Races. It is customary (and I confess to not knowing why) for the ex-President and the current Vice-President to visit this District together.

The main event of our stay was the 'Bikers Service' at Sulby Methodist Church, where Malcolm had invited David and I to preach. Many Bikers have been making the annual pilgrimage to the TT Races and this service for several years. It is the first time I have seen an advert for a 'Bikers Service' on 'Mad Sunday' sadly described because it is the day when visitors are renowned for driving rather dangerously around the Island. Many churches on the Island provide hospitality
during the TT Races, including food and accommodation.

Rev David Gamble and I were both rather surprised to be described in the local Island newspaper as nationally renowned speakers!

The couple below attending the Bikers Service were also celebrating
their 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

Watching the TT for the first time was breathtaking, the bikes were doing well over 160 miles per hour and were almost impossible to see but you could always hear them roaring past you.

It is many years since my husband John and I rode around on motorbikes we do however often hire a motorbike on holiday, and thoroughly enjoy riding around in the sunshine (I was always a fair weather biker!).

We had the pleasure of visiting a brilliant youth club held every Friday night at Ramsay Methodist Church, where children with special needs alongside other young people enjoy a meal together, games and dancing.

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