Monday, 11 April 2011

Methodist Council

The Methodist Conference is the governing body of the Methodist Church. As Conference only meets once a year, the Methodist Council undertakes ongoing work on behalf of the Conference.

Methodist Council is formed by representatives from each district, the chair of SRC (Strategy and Resources Committee, General Secretary & Strategic Leaders, Warden of the Methodist Diaconal Order, Faith and Order Secretary and representatives of the Chairs meeting, Racial Justice Committee, Youth Assembly and includes the Youth President and Presidency (designate, current and past Presidents and Vice-Presidents)

Here we are in session with the General Secretary Rev Martyn Atkins and Rev Eden Fletcher (Superintendent of the Newcastle Central and East Circuit and representative on Council for SRC) clearly enjoying the debate.

Council works very hard at scrutinising papers, debating and making decisions to offer to conference. Amongst the excellent papers I particularly appreciated those on the Big Society, Poverty, Missing Generation, Fresh Ways, Statistics for Mission and Methodist Heritage.

All the papers are archived on this website - why don't you take a look and perhaps use them for personal reflection or as a discussion document for your biblestudy/ housegroup?

For April 9-11 Methodist Council Papers click here

Time is always given at Council to worshipping and praying together at the beginning and ending of the days business.

We met in the rather beautiful grounds of the Royal Holloway College,University of London, Egham.

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