Friday, 24 September 2010

Faith and Order Network Conference, St John's College, Durham

The Faith and Order Network met over a three day conference to discuss together, 'What is Arminianism in the 21st Century?'

Sessions included -
What do we mean by Arminianism? - Rev'd Martin Wellings
Are Fresh Expressions inclusive enough?- Rev'd Barbara Glasson
Is targeted Participation inclusive enough?- Jude Levermore
Inclusion,Participation and Learning:Arminian Christian Education? - Rev'd Roger Walton
How far does Ecumenical Inclusivisn go? - Father Colin Carr.

The Faith and Order Committee and Resource Groups (assigned to do work in specific areas of speciality) was officially launched in September 2008. They form a rich and valuable resource to the church in scruntinising reports on behalf of conference and offering advice and support through the variety of Resource groups.

Members of the Committee and Convenors of the Resource Groups
Chair – Jane Craske
Secretary – Peter Phillips
Assistant Secretary of Conference – Ken Howcroft
Stephen Mosedale (Bible)
David Chapman (Ecumenism)
Paul Beetham (Doctrine)
Adrian Burdon (Worship/Liturgy)
Helen Reid (Inter Faith Relations)
Martin Wellings (Methodism)
Helen Cameron (Ministry)
Neil Cockling (Missiology)
Jocelyn Bryan (Pastoral)
Sarah Charlton (Social/Political)
Luke Curran (Theol Educ)
Alan Bolton (Interface)

1 comment:

David said...

I'm sure the resource groups to the F&O Committee are a useful resource.

But they lack legitimacy. Everyone who offered to serve was subjected to a vigorous assessment.

Those who survived this assessment, however well qualified, but were seen as being able to make a contribution that wasn't acceptable to one or two well placed members were "blackballed".

Not acceptable behaviour for a Methodist Connexional Committee.

But of course this won't be posted so we will never have a response.