Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

This morning I was up at 5.30 to join others on the cliff tops of Jersey. We watched as the sun rose across the sea over nearby France. We sang and praised God as we shared in this morning celebration of the Resurrection.

Throughout our year of office we have seen countless signs of resurrection. Yes there are challenging areas, yes there are places in decline, yes there are people who are tired and frustrated, but there are also people and churches right across the Methodist Connexion where wonderful things are happening. I hope you may have caught a glimpse of that on this blog site over the last few months.

Whether it is your personal experience of God or our response to him as a church, when we hear and respond to his call we will be changed. And if we are willing to be changed, if we are willing to let go of what feels familiar and safe, we can be transformed in to something better and more wonderful that we could possibly have imagined. It may take us in to exciting places, risky places, maybe even uncomfortable places, but God will go with us, or as was the case when Jesus was already in the garden when Mary encountered him, he will be there already, waiting for us.

On this Easter Sunday morning let’s rejoice in the risen Christ. Let’s give thanks that God did not lose faith in us, he did not abandon us, but he kept on loving us and wanted to restore and remake us. He offers us that free gift today. He’s given us that opportunity to change. He’s given it to you and to me, to the church you belong to and the Methodist Church we are part of. Death has truly lost its sting for God give us new life and in wonderful abundance.

Christ the Lord is risen today. Alleluia!

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