Wednesday, 19 August 2009


We enjoyed the excellent hospitality of Alan and Sheila Anderson whilst we stayed in Glasgow. Alan is a Methodist minister and former Chair of the Scotland District. He is currently teaching religious studies in a local high school as well as having pastoral responsibility for one of the churches in the Glasgow circuit.

Alan is born and bred in Glasgow and clearly proud of his beloved city. On Sunday afternoon he took us to look at the redeveloped area of the Clyde and what is left of the dockyard. This once thriving industrial area has now changed radically, but unlike many other former ship building ports, Glasgow has managed to retain a small shipyard. It is currently building a destroyer for the navy, with little in the way of civilian shipping contracts coming its way. Competition with European and other shipyards is very fierce which is why so few ships are now built in the UK.

As with many other British cities, Glasgow has started to reclaim its run down riverside area. The buildings of a once great industrial heartland have been replaced with the new Science Centre, a concert and exhibition centre, hotels, flats and the new BBC Scotland building. This had clearly been a painful process for many, but it is now a sign of resurrection, with many lessons for the Church.

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