Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Coronation of a King

Sorry to have been quiet for a while but I have been out of the country for over three weeks. I have been at a most memorable event in Tonga representing the Methodist Church at the coronation of the new king of Tonga, George Tupou V. It was a real privilege to be there and was made even more special for me as I was asked to preach at the Coronation Sunday Service. We have been hosted by a lovely family Hoi and Nunia Mone at Tupou College - their son in law plays for the All Blacks so we watched with real joy when they thrashed the Wallabies in the tri-nation series!

I have lots of pictures which I will post, next week with a more detailed accpunt of Tonga, when Myrtle and I return home. We are in Palm Springs, California at the moment having a holiday on our way back to Preston - and it is hot at an average of 110!!

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Mr John Cooper said...

Great to hear from you Stephen. I look foward to seeing all the photos...

Happy Holidays

With Regards