Monday, 21 July 2008

Musings from the Lambeth Conference

Since Conference life has been good but busy. We had a great time at Breakout and met some wonderful people. It was estimated that there were about 1500 young people on site on the Saturday and despite the rain there was an excellent atmosphere with a huge variety of events to choose from....I played football with a group of others, including a few ministers, against a group from the Preston circuit.....and i managed to score this wonderful goal on the volley....but sadly we lost 5:1.

I was really impressed with the quality of youth leaders I managed to meet and talk to. We really need to encourage them more as they are offering their time and gifts so freely to young poeple right across the connexion.

On the Tuesday David and I were privileged to 'preach' at the Service of Thanksgiving for the life of the Connexional team. There were a couple of hundred people at Wesley's Chapel. Those who were part of the Team at its inception in 1996 and lots of those presently working at MCH.
After the worship many of us went on a boat trip/cruise on the Thames....and the sun came out.
Then I was off to the superintendent's course at Swanwick where I was able to share in the final act of worship and communion. Some of the super's to be went home looking more worried than when they arrived!

This weekend I have been with our Anglican friends at the Lambeth Conference. I arrived in Canterbury for the Saturday along with other ecumenical guests. There is an official rep from the World Methodist Council and I was invited because of our Covenant with the C of E. They are trying to face up to some of the difficult issues which are pressing in from many different areas and really need our prayers.

The worship yesterday was very rich with music and liturgy from around the world. One of the highlights for many was the dancing and singing by a group from the Solomon islands as they carried the bible in a boat for the gospel reading. There was an excellent sermon from the Bishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka who spoke out prophetically at the issues facing the Anglican communion at this time.

Sadly I have had to leave today, Monday, as I'm off to Daniel's graduation (our 3rd child) tomorrow afternoon and then Myrtle and I fly off to visit the Church in new Zealand and then on to Tonga to share in the Coronation of the new king. So watch this blog for photos and an account of what I'm sure will be a memorable few days

Stephen Poxon

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