Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Touching base

Back after an enjoyable, but seemingly relentless series of engagements, I am back at home for 24 hours. Last Friday I went to Cumbria to do 'the Thornleigh lecture', at the very nice and welcoming Thornleigh hotel. I met a number of 'old pals' (nice to see you again Cyril!) and made some new aquaintances. The brilliant 5 course meal after the lecture was, of course, no part of the reason why I, or anyone else, was present at the event!

On Saturday I travelled from Cumbria, stopped off for 3 hours at home (but no one was in!) before travelling on to London in order to attend the Remembrance Sunday event at the Cenotaph.

The Cenotaph was impressive. Thousands of people, many clearly 'remembering' with great feeling. I loved the understated dignity of it, and the lack of words, very moving.

I also met a number of the other 'faith leaders' having a very interesting conversation with a leading Imam about the common issue facing both Christianity and Islam about youths without faith. I also met Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling (name dropper!).

Then it was off to a Chinese speaking congregation opposite Kings Cross station to preach. What a great group of folk, it was a pleasure to preach. Finally a Communion service at Hinde Street/West London mission.

This last 24 hours have been spent in Edinburgh, at a Mission accompaniers conference. A great group of folk all desiring to do mission better and enable better mission. So I flew back into Manchester, caught a train and arrived back early evening.

First night in 5 in my own bed. Lovely!

I will blog soon, hopefully, about how I spent Sunday night, but I need to talk tyo a couple of folk first.


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