Thursday, 17 July 2008

At last!!

I've finally been able to access the blog! Sorry to those of you who have been waiting with bated breath for the first entry from the new President and Vice-President....we can only get better.

These past two weeks have gone very quickly since the beginning of Conference on the 5th July. It was a very special moment being inducted as President and to hold in my hand, for a short while, John Wesley's field bible. To think back on those who have held this office over the years is a very humbling experience.

We had a good Conference by all accounts....and there are details of this on the web and in other was really enjoyable sharing the leading of the sessions with David Walton..even if I did keep forgetting to adjourn Conference at the end of the day!

It was very special having so many friends and family with us for the opening weekend. I would like to thank all those who have been supporting me through prayer, sending cards and greetings. All of these have been a real source of encouragement and strength. Thank you.

I've some photos that have been sent me and I'll try to work out how to get them on to this ....but will post this now and see if it works!!


Mr John Cooper said...

I was beginning to think that the hymn 'And Are We Yet Alive' was becoming more apt for the blog!

Welcome to Methodist blogging. A mild and enjoyable bunch.

It is great to have our President and Vice President blogging.

As ever, look forward to reading your musings

With Regards

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging!

Anonymous said...

Stephen, Welcome to the blogosphere! I heard you had a lovely conference, and I look forward to hearing about your work this year!

Olive Morgan said...

Welcome to the Methoblogosphere! It was a great joy to be at your induction at Confeence in Scarborough and our prayers go with you and David throughout your year in office. There will be 300 people here praying for you both as you travel the Connexion.

PamBG said...

Welcome to blogdom. Remember that many, many more people will read your blog than ever comment on it.

I have no previous experience by which to judge Conference, but I was hopeful that we will start to look outward again. (Although I totally understand the need to cut our suit to fit our cloth.)

God bless you both along with the Methodist Church and all who sail in her! :-)

Fat Prophet said...

Good to hear from you - hope this is the first of many posts - welcome to the blogosphere.

DaveW said...

Welcome. Glad to have you both as our leaders for the next year.

Hope you enjoy the blogging, it has been great having Martyn and Ruby sharing their year with us.

Unknown said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Stephen, and every blessing as you enjoy your year travelling the Connexion. You will find some terrific support and encouragement amongst Methodist bloggers!
Love and peace as always

Sally said...

another welcome from another Methodist blogger, there are a number of us out here! May God bless and keep you throughout this year equipping you with special wisdom and insight.